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MRI Academy

“We have developed a comprehensive, educational site, the MRI Academy, where participants can access 12 courses per year on basic and advanced MRI topics. The courses are categorized in Basic Module, Advanced Module, Practical Courses and Clinical Courses. Each course contains a 30 min pre-recorded lecture, reference material, lecture handouts, self-assessment quiz, interesting cases and a discussion forum where questions or comments can be posted.”

MRI Academy

2019 Programme

Basic Aspects of MRI: A practical approach (BKM01)
A course tailored for newcomers to the MRI world both Radiologists and Radiographers. Basic physics, hardware considerations and finally pulse sequences will be discussed without the use of mathematics in a more practical way.
MRI Protocol Optimization (BKM02)
A very important course for Radiographers who will learn to optimize MRI protocols and tailor exams to each specific patient in order to achieve the best clinical outcome in the shortest examination time. Radiologists are also welcome to participate, especially those who have an interest in the effects of changing different parameters in the image quality.

Introduction to Advanced MRI techniques: Diffusion Imaging (AKM01)

This is the first of a series of courses regarding advanced MRI techniques that are gaining attention nowadays. Radiographers and Radiologists can participate, however they should have already experience with basic aspects of MRI.  Diffusion techniques will be covered including technical aspects and clinical applications.
Introduction to Advanced MRI techniques: Perfusion Imaging (AKM02)
Topics including T2* brain perfusion, ASL and T1 perfusion will be introduced while clinical applications in the Brain, Prostate, and Breast will be discussed.
Introduction to Advanced MRI techniques: Spectroscopy (AKM03)
Single Voxel Spectroscopy and Chemical Shift Imaging techniques will be reviewed and each pro’s and cons will be presented. Clinical applications of MRS will be presented in combination with other advanced techniques to improve differential diagnosis. 
Abdominal MRI: How I do it (PCR01)

These courses are designed to train Radiographers on the lege artis performance of various basic MRI exams, in a very practical way. Examination protocols, specific pulse sequences, planning aspects, as well as post-processing will be presented. 

Small Bowel Imaging with MRI (CC01)

Breast MRI (MC02)

Brain Tumors (MC03)

Multi-Parametric MRI of the Prostate (MC04)

Clinical Courses are for Radiologists and Radiographers that they have a special interest in an advanced technique. A lecture will be accompanied by an interactive case workshop where the participants will have the chance to learn through specific cases how to deal with technical and clinical problems.